Window Cleaning

We offer a total window cleaning package leaving your view and entire window streak free, and sparkling.

Living in Idaho, you’re already aware that you’re surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery to be found in the United States. Why let soiled, dirty windows spoil the view? Let the great outdoors into your home or business through clear, sparkling windows. Call in the professionals from Ever Clear Window Cleaning.

At Ever Clear Customer Satisfaction Comes First

There’s a reason why our customers return time and time again to us for superior window washing. It’s because we can see clearly that they are the reason for our success.

You see, we appreciate the demands of modern life on your time and, face it, cleaning windows is a chore. Practically speaking, it’s also often very difficult in multi-story buildings, where windows are difficult and sometimes dangerous to reach on your own.

This is where Ever Clear Window Cleaning comes to the aid of our customers. We know how discouraging it is to look out on a world through streaky, grimy windows. It not only obscures your view, but it also creates a gloomy, depressing atmosphere around your home or business, sending out a message that you just don’t care. Clear, dazzling windows reflect who you are, someone who cares about the surroundings inside and out.

Here’s where Ever Clear can come to your rescue. Ever Clear is your local window washing service that’s conveniently located in southeastern Idado to provide quick, superior service to your home or business. Ever Clear Window Cleaning provides outstanding window washing at a price point that’s affordable. Now there’s no excuse for having grimy, smeared windows. Ever Clear will wash them on the inside and outside for a crystal-clear result.

Some of the benefits of choosing Ever Clear include:

  • Detailed cleaning of all windows inside and out
  • Wiping of all frames and sills
  • We move all obstacles
  • Specially formulated soap for long lasting shine
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed

High-Quality Window Washing for Commercial and Residential Properties

There’s another reason why regular window cleaning is so important. Very few people know that regular window washing enhances the quality of the glass and prevents damage that can occur long term as a result of hard water residue that leaves a mineral deposit, age, regular wear and tear, seasonal changes and severe weather conditions. And as a resident of southeastern Idaho, we're sure that you know all about the dust that can collect on your windows during the year.

When you call Ever Clear Window Cleaning, you can be assured that your windows will get a thorough cleansing both inside and out. Ever Clear Window Cleaning safely accesses all your windows, and we’ll remove and clean screens during our cleansing process for an all-inclusive job.

At Ever Clear Window Cleaning we offer a total service window washing package that covers:

  • Storm windows
  • Casement windows
  • Leaded glass
  • French panels
  • Post-construction window washing
  • Screen cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Cleaning of sills
  • Removal of obstacles
  • Use of special soap for a long-lasting clean
  • Use of the latest cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning of tracks